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Beyonce Makes Hair Tinsel Famous at 2010 Grammy Awards

Not only did Beyonce make history winning 6 Grammy’s, the most ever won by a female artist in a single year, she also makes a fashion statement. Everyone is still buzzing about Beyonce Knowles’ cool sparkles worn in her hair at the 2010 Grammy Awards.

The pretty glitter-like highlights are called hair tinsel, hair silk, or even hair bling. Although, hair tinsel is already becoming big in Hawaii, with Beyonce sporting them on the red carpet they are sure to become the hottest new trend.

Many fans loved the sparkle highlights although some thought it was a bit too flashy. DazzleDu, a hair tinsel company in Texas, has 14 shades to choose from. The next time Beyonce goes with a chestnut brown hair color she could try DazzleDu’s Magic Mocha, which is one of its more subtle shades.

Hair tinsel is a fun alternative to highlights and can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. The tinsel is tied in and hair can be washed, styled, curled or flat-ironed. Instructional videos can be found on DazzleDu’s website and YouTube so anyone can add flair to their hair.

Hair can be washed, styled, curled or flat-ironed. A touch of glitter is the hot trend for salon owners and stylists to create new business. The look of delicate Thai silk ribbons gives highlights that have everyone asking – “Who does your hair?”

Written by Teri Schulte on February 02, 2010 — 0 comments