What we have learned SO FAR about DazzleDu . . .
-The length of the Dazzles are a big hit. The long dazzle length gives lots of options for all hair lengths.
-The variety of dazzling colors is a plus.
-The sleeves they come in are very functional and keep the Dazzles tidy when pulled out one Dazzle at a time.
-We are still experimenting with the best knot to recommend. Some clients are keeping them in for only a couple of days while others are staying in for months!

-We have greatly lowered our heat resistance temperature after a great deal of testing! We now strongly recommend you do not exceed 250 degrees with your flat iron, curling iron, or blow dryer. (Originally our manufacturer had stated over 500 degrees, but the Dazzles will start to “frazzle” at 250 degrees and can melt when isolated at 300 degrees.)
-Wide toothed combs and picks are far less likely to catch the Dazzle knot than fine toothed combs or round brushes.
-The texture of the hair plays a big role in how long the Dazzles will stay in.
-How much hair an individual loses each day also is a factor.
-All ages of girls and women are trying and loving their Dazzledus!

As we continue to learn more we will share it with you. Please let us know if you have suggestions for improving our product. Thank you for your support! Have a wonderful day.