DazzleDu Wholesale Package by Dazzledu $200.00

Our DazzleDu Wholesale package is our best value and comes with 20 dazzling colors (all 19 DazzleDu colors and 1 bonus color).  Each color has 100 Dazzles – that's 2000 Dazzles all together!

Also included FREE is our great instructional DVD and our "We Do DazzleDu Poster"! 

With everything you need and all of the DazzleDu colors (along with 1 bonus color) you will be able to offer your clients a wide variety of colors to choose from.  

The DazzleDu Packages are discounted $6 per package from the individual DazzleDu Singles.

Colors will vary from set to set, but we guarantee they will all be DAZZLING!

FREE shipping to everywhere in the USA and Canada

DazzleDu Wholesale Package
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